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Wicker Park Logistics Launches Tech-Driven, Radically Transparent & Full-Service 3PL

Nathan McGuire
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June 17, 2021
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Wicker Park Logistics Launches Tech-Driven, Radically Transparent & Full-Service 3PL
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Tech-Driven, Radically Transparent & Full-Service 3PL with Wicker Park Logistics

BLOOMINGDALE, IL — What started as a vision to breathe new life into an antiquated industry plagued by inefficiencies, lack of empathy, and limited transparency is now a reality with the launch of Wicker Park Logistics. This modern-day, tech-driven, and radically transparent end-to-end third-party logistics company offers customized solutions that include, but are not limited to, freight brokerage, warehousing, and cross-border services to optimize supply chains and empower customers to meet their goals.

The mindset of radical transparency extends beyond how Wicker Park Logistics serves customers. Wicker Park has a mission and vision to create a company culture that integrates technology and proven processes to produce powerful results for customers, carriers, technology partners, and employees alike.

Wicker Park Logistics is a human-centered company that educates and helps first, all while focused on delivering an overall superior customer experience by optimizing freight flows, streamlining communication and all while facilitating faster payment to carriers.

Customers are able to execute their own loads, see their own shipments in real-time, and generate customized views of the data and analytics that illustrate the cost-effectiveness of each transaction all backed by data-driven management and robust analytics.


“Shippers and carriers need strategic and transparent 3PL partners, especially during times of unprecedented disruption and volatility,” Chief Operating Officer Nathan McGuire said with emphasis. “That’s why Wicker Park has invested in the right technology and people to help all parties involved succeed in a new era of logistics.”

Wicker Park’s investments extend to ensuring that employees are also having the best work experience. “The days of employees being treated like cogs in the machine are over,” McGuire continued. Wicker Park Logistics provides each team member with the right tools and back-office technologies and then reinforces that with guidance in a culture of encouragement. This empowers them with the confidence needed to make impactful decisions for the people we serve.

“This is freight. At times things get tough, but if everyone is working as a team, building synergy towards a common goal, you’ll be surprised by the consistency of the outcomes to meet the challenges of the day.”

Learn more about Wicker Park by visiting wickerparklogistics.com.

About Wicker Park Logistics

Wicker Park Logistics is a forward-thinking 3PL, driven by innovative technology, integrity, radical transparency, and the philosophy that nothing comes before service. Our aim is to create a highly integrated, human-centric service offering that brings value to all who interact with the company and builds strategic partnerships with customers and carrier networks.

Headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and with another primary office in Chicago, Wicker Park Logistics was founded in 2021. With proven technology behind the scenes, Wicker Park Logistics is a trusted, full-service 3PL on track to rival the largest and most well-known enterprises in logistics. And with that same technology, Wicker Park Logistics is ready for rapid expansion, growth, and strategic partnerships. Visit wickerparklogistics.com.

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