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Comprehensive Truckload Shipping

Wicker Park Logistics provides full truckload transportation solutions across North America to meet our client’s supply chain demands.
As 3PL experts, we know our customers’ success depends on finding a reliable and cost-effective truckload freight services to optimize their supply chain. We’re a new-age logistics company whose innovative technology provides the service, capacity, and cost efficiency for long-term success.
We use the latest technology integrations to continuously work to provide access to dense capacity within budget targets to aid customers in protecting profit margins and supporting growth by gaining more market share. Big or small, we consider our customers to be partners. Our truckload services team treats freight as if it were our own, ensuring it always arrives safely and according to deadline.
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Equipment Types

Our company utilizes technology to build an optimized network of vetted carrier partners comprising a broad range of equipment from flatbeds to enclosed trucks and step decks to move freight specific to every shipments’ needs. No matter the type of mode or equipment needed to get your freight moved within required service levels and timeframes, we provide options for FTL, LTL, Parcel and other over the road freight moves. Whether it’s expedited freight or long-haul shipments, our FTL freight carrier partners work to ensure timely delivery within budget.
Our flatbed trucking services blend advanced logistics technology and precise execution to deliver customized, customer-centric flatbed trucking services. We manage moves of varying distance, taking the same carefully tailored approach to each to execute without error. Flatbed capacity ebbs and flows, but rest assured that we keep a keen eye on pricing and capacity in the flatbed trucking equipment type.
Dry Van

Dry Van

Our truckload service’s technology displays deep insights to intimately understand the capacity and pricing for our customers’ most utilized freight lanes to make the most informed decisions for dry van moves. From key insights to historical and current pricing to guidance on how to increase tender acceptance rates, Wicker Park works tirelessly to secure capacity for dry van moves.
Step Deck

Step Deck

Do you have tall freight? When your freight can’t go on a traditional flatbed, Wicker Park Logistics’ can tap into an array of equipment types, such as carriers employing a step deck trailer. These unique freight moves require attention to detail and Wicker Park Logistics’ experts and technology will capture all the activity and match your needs to the right equipment type.


If your freight is both tall and wide you may need a trailer mobile enough to detach from the truck, referred to as an RGN trailer. Like the step deck, this unique trailer serves freight that may have unique requirements allowing motorized equipment like machinery and vehicles to be driven onto them.


Refrigerated freight moves, often referred to as reefers, require attention to detail and ensuring that shipper requirements and needs are captured on the front end. Our transportation management system is configurable so that we take the burden off our customers to store, manage, and maintain both shipment detail requirements, but also which refrigerated trucking carriers are preferred to haul your freight.


These are flatbed trailers come with a rolling tarp-on-frame system that protects oversized cargo from the outside elements. As another specialized equipment type, Wicker Park Logistics will work to ensure you have the right equipment for every shipment with the technology and expertise built to reduce your total costs.

Truckload Capabilities to Cover All Your Shipping Needs

We offer full truckload (FTL) shipping services and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping solutions to accommodate the size and volume of freight moves in terms of cost, speed, and reliability.
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Whether it’s less than 10,000 lbs (LTL) or a dedicated capacity of up to 45 000 lbs (FTL), we can cover all shipment needs from flatbed trailers to hazmat transportation, multi-stops, and expedited freight. We have all the experience and resources to boost coverage when required.

Why Choose Wicker Park Logistics Truckload Solutions

Why Choose Wicker Park Logistics Truckload Solutions

Total Transparency

Like us, our technology remains an open book. Our digital customer portals offer comprehensive analytics for clients to gauge performance and make improvements. We provide radical transparency through every step of the logistics process, so our clients can take control of their challenges and transform them into solutions.

An Invested Partnership

We consider our clients our partners. Our company’s truckload freight brokers leverage our carrier network to supply dedicated fleets and provide competitive pricing to keep our clients’ freight moving across the country.

Impressive Versatility

Whether it's an oversized load or an expedited consignment, we’ll find the right truck to transport our client’s freight. We ensure our carriers adhere to the highest safety protocols, so rest assured, goods will always arrive safely with us.

Time-Saving Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our digital transportation management system is designed for optimum efficiency, so clients don’t waste time booking, tracking, and quoting truckloads. They can receive and manage instant quotes, market forecasting, capacity matching, and from their unique customer portal. We keep their supply chain running smoothly, so they can prioritize other business objectives.

Extensive Carrier Network

Our digital freight network contains a dynamic fleet of truckload freight carriers to transport consignments of all shapes and sizes. With vetted carriers and compliant drivers, our FTL trucking services are reliable and safe, providing the highest-quality service. Our truckload service can supply capacity no matter the volume, size, or season.

Competitive & Transparent Rates

Our pricing increases our customers’ overall productivity  and maximizes their bottom lines to drive business success. We’re transparent about the price of our truckload transportation services because we understand every dollar counts. When it comes to our truckload freight rates, our clients always know exactly what they’re paying for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Send with an Full Truckload Shipment?

You can send anything you want but mostly full truckload is used for logistics and goods transportation for different industries: manufacturing, machinery, agricultural, food and beverage, aerospace and aviation logistics, etc.

How Much Weight Can a Full Truckload Trailer Hold?

The dedicated capacity of full truckload can be between 15 000 lbs and 45 000 lbs. It depends on the company, their truck sizes, and restrictions.

Is FTL Cheaper Than LTL?

Although LTL rates are cheaper than full truckload rates for smaller shipments, the cost savings a company will experience between LTL and full truckload will greatly depend on their frequency and volume of shipments. Shippers should rely on technology and expertise to aid in understind the cost per hundredweight to make an apples to apples comparison.

What is Full Truckload Shipping?

Full Truckload, shortly named FTL, is a type of shipping when a truck carries one dedicated shipment from a single shipper to a single location. Also, it can be named TL or just Truckload. It has several advantages over its alternative - LTL

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