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About Wicker Park Logistics

Wicker Park believes in creating a standard where integrated technology and proven processes work together to improve overall logistical experiences for customers, carriers, managers, and team members.
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About Wicker Park Logistics

Our Story

Wicker Park Logistics focuses on creating innovative processes to improve management within the supply chain network.
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What sets us apart from the other supply chain service providers is our human-centered approach that puts people first rather than profits. Our focus always has and always will be to provide overall superior customer experience and improve day-to-day operations for management.

From dealing with freight flows, improving communications, and providing collaboration opportunities, Wicker Park is committed to making logistics simpler and easier.

Disruptions will always occur. However, the ability to network and collaborate effectively in leading a team to success despite the challenges...that is what sets providers apart. Wicker Park services are designed to meet the challenges of day-to-day supply chain operations and logistics in a scalable, adaptable way.

Our Mission

Wicker Park is focused on improving end-to-end collaboration and management solutions and providing tailored service options for the modern supply chain network management team.

Key Value Added as Told by Our Founders

“Carriers and shippers alike need to tap into the power of innovation and collaboration with strategic and transparent partnerships within the transportation and shipping market. This becomes more vital than ever during these times of continual market volatility and shifts in consumer demands.”
Chief Operating Officer Nathan McGuire
Make Our Efficient Technology Your Advantage

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Wicker Park Logistics prides itself on being a modern 3PL that is driven by innovative technology, collaboration, data analysis, and real-world problem solving.

Benefits of Working With Wicker Park Logistics

The best logistical services increase the growth potential of the entire network, something Wicker Park Logistics provides.

Consistent & Flexible Capacity


Freedom to scale up or down as needed based on market trends.
Cost Stability


End-to-end visibility for more streamlined network operations.
Reduce Risks


Teamwork and integration options for faster and stronger growth.
Reduce Risks


Peace of mind with secure platforms and innovative digital tools.

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