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Freight Shipping & Logistics Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Freight Shipping & Logistics Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Backed by a vast carrier network, access to dense and meaningful capacity, and industry-leading technology, we turn logistics challenges into opportunities. From the simple to the most complex supply chain and freight shipping needs, our customized logistics and transportation solutions reduce costs and streamline inefficiencies for companies who are looking to reduce transportation spend.
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Wicker Park Logistics is a full-service transportation brokerage specializing in procuring capacity throughout North America.
All our freight and logistics services are driven by integrity, forward-thinking and continuous improvement. Our tailored online customer portals leverage big data providing around-the-clock visibility, capacity matching, and quick-pay financing to build efficient operations and ensure steady cash flow. Our value-added services reduce stress and simplify the process to keep your freight moving cost-effectively.
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Transportation Solutions Across Any Modes

Our extensive fleet of reliable carriers offers unparalleled ground transportation solutions, while our carrier partners are well-vetted to ensure the utmost care for every freight move nationwide. Our company's industry-leading technology and large carrying capacity we ensure there’s always a solution to deliver your freight on time and in full.

Truckload Freight Shipping

We retain long-standing relationships with our vetted carrier network to provide logistics solutions that make shipments easy. Our dedicated logistics teams oversee the entire process from booking to final delivery destination. Our flexible freight solutions can meet all your truckload needs, including oversized consignments.

Our carrier network provides the following services for your convenience:
  • Dry Van
  • Temp-Controlled Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Conestoga Trailer
  • Step Deck Trailer
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer
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Expedited Solutions

We’ll make sure your time-sensitive consignment swiftly reaches its delivery destination. Our integrated technology, large fleet, and agile team are equipped to handle same-day deliveries and unexpected expedited shipments needing urgent attention.
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Less-Than-Truckload Services

Our freight experts provide less-than-​truckload (LTL) freight management, working with our shipper customers for new LTL carrier RFPs, contract management, shipment execution, settlement, freight audit & payment, and freight claims management. Our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) services include, but are not limited to:
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Intermodal Freight Transportation

We provide transport and logistics solutions to accommodate your specific needs. When you partner with Wicker Park, it’s like having your own private fleet, minus the expense. With our dedicated team, you’re guaranteed competitive rates and excellent service.
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Supply Chain Solutions

Our data-driven business model helps identify and develop tailor-made logistics solutions for a range of industries. We don’t just ensure you can move your freight shipments on time and within budget; we constantly improve the supply chain to fit individual industry needs and eradicate inefficiencies. Our logistics freight services include:
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Freight Brokerage

Together with Wicker Park Logistics’ transportation management system, our seasoned brokers simplify your supply chain management system. While the industry continues to fluctuate, our brokers' dedication to finding the best solutions remains consistent. We provide:
  • Support 24/7
  • Logistical Analysis
  • Regular Reporting
  • Consistent Invoicing
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Dedicated Solutions

Wicker Park Logistics’ provides transport and logistics solutions to accommodate your specific needs. When you partner with Wicker Park, it’s like having your own private fleet, minus the expense. With our dedicated team, you’re guaranteed competitive rates and excellent service.
  • RFP & Strategic Planning
  • Real-Time Data Visibility
  • Waterfall Tendering & Management Team
  • Dedicated Capacity Network
  • Cost Control & Forecasting
  • Report and Scorecards
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Your shipper benefits

Our freight shipping services exceed our customer’s bottom line. Our investments in the best technology provide a partnership that helps businesses achieve optimized freight management by forecasting market trends and supplying flexible solutions.
End-to-End Visibility


Our transparency helps reduce risks and operational costs to meet the needs of changing markets.
Innovative Technology


We embrace technological innovation to provide sustainable solutions that accelerate growth and improve business’ bottom line.
Data Driven Portfolios

Data Driven

Our portfolio decisions are driven by data to achieve measurable goals and predict accurate outcomes.
Trusted Expertise


Backed by years of expertise in the freight industry, we’re still obsessed with bringing innovative solutions to our customers, with a clear eye on delivering the results our customers expect.
Extensive Carrier Network

Extensive Carrier

Gain access to a continuously optimized carrier network to find the right mode at the right price every time, offering a variety of transportation solutions all focused on reducing total transportation spend but keeping service levels high.
Flexible Contract Rates

Contract Rates

Enjoy increased flexibility and improved cash flow management to accommodate seasonal changes and fluctuating demands.
Customizable Supply Chain Solutions

Customizable Supply Chain Solutions

Maintain your competitive edge by scaling up or down to meet your customers’ changing demands.
Customer Satisfaction


Happy clients have more productive businesses, which is why your satisfaction is our top priority.

Logistics Solutions For Various Industries

Our team always goes the extra mile to provide the proper logistics for your supply chain. We work with a range of industries across the nation, turning their challenges into opportunities. As a trusted logistics service provider, we help various industries deliver on time, every time. Namely:

See What Our Clients Say

“Before we started working with Wicker Park Logistics, our team struggled with chasing down shipment statuses and milestones. Their support team and technology give us full visibility into every one of our shipments and never leaves us guessing."
“Wicker Park Logistics’ online portal makes it easy to track shipments and match capacity for our less-than-truckload consignments. Our shipments always arrive on time. We’re excited to grow our business with them."
"Since working with Wicker Park Logistics, we have streamlined our supply chain and decreased wasteful spending. Their helpful team provided the perfect solutions to help our business thrive."
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Speak To An Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Maximum Size and Weight of a Shipment You Can Provide?

Generally, the maximum weight of a shipment is around 34,000- 45,000 Lbs, while the maximum height of freight is limited to 102 inches. However, this is dependent on the weight of the vehicle (some trucks may be able to scale heavier) and the state's local laws.

Where to Find Shipping Documents I Need?

There are a number of important shipping documents required to transport freight. Most can be found online. However, if done incorrectly, your freight will not reach its intended destination. We recommend hiring a 3PL company to handle this administrative process to prevent unnecessary delays along the way.

What is Load-to-Ride?

Freight orders loaded onto a truck and taken directly to their destination are referred to as load-to-ride shipments. This term is used to describe larger pallet count LTL shipments and often includes orders from multiple companies to solve transportation problems and deliver items to customers en-route, without cross-docking.

What are Freight Terms of Sale?

Freight terms of sale identify who is responsible for the payment of freight and are usually expressed as prepaid or collect. Within these two categories, there are the following options: prepaid to a stated location, collect beyond or the third party or pre-pay and add. They are often specified in the quote, contract, or general terms & conditions.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the process in which a person or company organizes shipments on behalf of companies or individuals. They ensure goods get from the manufacturer to a market, customer, or final point of distribution. Forwarders usually have contracts with multiple carriers to move goods along the supply chain.

What is Freight Class?

Freight class is a shipping industry pricing classification that enables the standardization of prices across all LTL freight carriers and businesses, including brokers and warehouses. It is determined by the National Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) and based on different factors such as ease of handling, value, weight, length, height, density, and liability.