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Wicker Park Logistics

Kerrie Coglianese

Kerrie Coglianese


Kerrie hails from the northwest suburbs of Chicago as the youngest of five daughters. Her childhood was marked by a deep-seated curiosity, a zest for school, sports, and the arts. Guided by the profound influence of her parents, Kerrie embraced core values of thoughtfulness, loyalty, honesty, and diligence. Armed with a BS in Education and a minor in psychology, her understanding of human behavior has consistently influenced her professional trajectory.

Kerrie commenced her career in early childhood special education, a domain that seamlessly aligned with her academic interests and familial responsibilities. Her entrepreneurial spirit later led her to the Events Industry, where she achieved notable success by designing, selling, and orchestrating over 300 triumphant events. Key milestones in her journey include the masterful execution of a grand 500-person Gala and prestigious mentions in major market publications.

In a strategic career pivot to the logistics arena, Kerrie's expertise in planning and luxury sales propelled her to the CEO position at Wicker Park Logistics. In this capacity, she oversees daily operations, resource allocation, and staff management, taking particular pride in bringing on board pivotal clients. At the core of her leadership lies a blend of coaching and education, fostering individual growth, fostering team synergy, and nurturing devoted talent.

Beyond her corporate persona, Kerrie is an aficionado of live music, cooking, and yoga. She cherishes quality time with family and friends, and her commitment to open communication ensures she maintains a harmonious balance between personal commitments and her demanding CEO responsibilities. Drawing inspiration from her father, select educators, her children, and a distinguished female colleague, Kerrie's vision for Wicker Park Logistics is rooted in diversification and fostering enduring relationships.

Teri Hoeft

Teri Hoeft


Teri Hoeft joins Wicker Park Logistics as its esteemed President, bringing a kaleidoscope of expertise spanning operations, customer service, solution design, and an in-depth grasp of Transportation Management Systems (TMS). A transformative leader by nature, Teri is renowned for steering businesses through fast-paced changes, ensuring impressive growth trajectories. Her unique blend of industry knowledge, business acumen, and executive leadership propels organizations to new horizons.

A staunch advocate for the power of TMS, Teri is determined to craft a digital destiny for Wicker Park Logistics. She channels her experiences and industry best practices to envisage a robust technical infrastructure, robustly supporting the supply chain ecosystem. Embracing the prowess of contemporary technology, Teri underscores the significance of seamless automation and the strategic importance of logistics control towers.

Adept in continuous improvement paradigms, Teri is set to infuse lean methodologies into Wicker Park Logistics. Her vision prioritizes stellar customer service, augmented productivity, and burgeoning net income. With a meticulous approach, she envisions a collaborative, high-performance culture, guiding the organization through the intricacies of sustainable evolution.

Championing data-driven strategies, Teri accentuates the role of data analysis and pivotal performance metrics. She intends to harness the power of benchmarking and precise business object measurements, catalyzing strategic decisions that resonate within and outside the organization.

As a seasoned solutions architect, Teri emphasizes the necessity for tailored, innovative strategies in a dynamic market landscape. She aspires to present a transparent, interconnected supply chain, empowering clients with enhanced decision-making prowess.

With a rich history spanning multiple transportation modes, Teri envisions a mode-neutral stance for Wicker Park Logistics. Her holistic strategy casts the company as a comprehensive solutions provider, focusing on end-to-end automation.

As she embarks on this new chapter, Teri's immediate endeavors include pioneering operating models for business process outsourcing and launching global logistics control towers. In the grander scheme, Teri visualizes Wicker Park Logistics as a comprehensive logistics ally, equipped to transport anything, anywhere, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and nurturing prolific industry partnerships.