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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Hot-Shot Freight Shipping Services

Get the benefits you need for time-critical freight shipping with our on-demand services today.
Hot-Shot Freight Shipping Services
hot shot shipping services
On-time delivery is a critical aspect of trucking services, something we fully understand at Wicker Park Logistics.
Our time-sensitive trucking allows for fast and reliable delivery of individual loads to specific customers without the hassle of large and heavy trailers. We at Wicker Park can assist with any hot-shot shipping needs you have. Our employees will ensure your deliveries are on time regardless of delivery timelines, shipping modes, emergency needs, or normal fleet availability. We have direct shipping available across the United States and offer cross-border delivery to both Canada and Mexico. Contact us today for more information about our hot-shot logistics services.
hot shot freight shipping

Hot-Shot Transportation Solutions for Time-Critical Shipments

Our trackload service offers a range of valuable shipping options to assist with all your hot-shot transportation needs. From warehouse operations to inventory management, the logistical on-demand services we offer are designed to help make shipping easier. We do this with scheduled, routed, and managed hot-shot freight transportation services.
Dry Van
On-Time Delivery
Dry Van
Rush Delivery Management
Dry Van
Real Time Tracking
Dry Van
Special Transport
Dry Van
On Demand Access
Dry Van
Specialized Packing/Shipping

On-Time Hot-Shot Deliveries for Wide Variety of Industries

With the need for fast, reliable, and safe transportation services more vital and in higher demand than ever, we are proud to offer our services to a growing number of industries:
Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)
Oilfield & Gas
Dry Van
Full-Truckload (FTL)
Temperature Controlled
Fire & Rescue
Power Generation
Pharmaceuticals & Medical
Urgent trailer hauling is among the most common last-mile and short-distance shipping modes available today. Wicker Park Logistics is proud to offer a range of hot-shot trucking services.

Quick-Turn Capacity for Scheduled and Unexpected Needs

To better serve our customers, we offer a range of vehicles that can make hot-shot shipping fast and easy. With easy hot-shot trailers and truck hookups, hot-shot carriers can be on the road in no time!
hot shot shipping services
Pickup Trucks
Step Decks
Sprinter Vans
Dry Vans

Why Choose Wicker Park Logistics As Your Trusted Hot-Shot Partner

There are many reasons to trust our experience when it comes to handling your time-critical transportation needs. The value of our service and the quality of our customer support has earned us a reputation as a leader in the industry. Here are some reasons our clients come back to us time and time again:
Warehousing & Distribution

Easy To Navigate The Process Of Transportation

How local hot-shot services streamline national and local transportation greatly benefits those needing a quick and easy way to handle rush deliveries and final mile drop-offs.
Reverse Logistics

Ability Scale On-Demand To Meet Market Needs

The scalability built into time-critical logistics makes it easier to adjust to changes in market trends and customer demands. This helps increase productivity and boost overall profit margins.
Supply ChainConsulting

Tap Into Pre-Scheduled And Routed Deliveries

The flexibility of specialized shipping with hot-shot carriers lends itself well to the emergency freight needs of routed and pre-scheduled deliveries to meet urgent deadlines.
Trade ShowLogistics

Expand Time-Critical Transportation Coverage

The proper use of hot-shot trucking can help improve day-to-day processes for industries such as warehouses, trail stores, distribution centers, and individual private customers.
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If you are looking for a reliable hot-shot trucking company to help you with your time-sensitive transportation needs, then contact us and let us show you the difference we can make!
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from our new clients.

What Factors Affect the Time-Sensitive Freight Shipping Rate?

Our company offers a comprehensive breakdown of all fees and expenses associated with our hot-shot shipping services. We will discuss your questions about the fees and rates and help you get the right services for your unique needs.

How Do Hot-Shot Deliveries Work?

The basic premise of our hot-shot delivery services is to provide a safe and secure option for specific shipments and loads. With specialized trailers, routes, packing options, and loading/unloading, mission-critical services are a valuable option for many shippers and carriers.

When is Urgent Shipping More Beneficial Than Traditional LTL?

Traditional shipping options can be efficient much of the time. However, when specialty loads are being handled, or urgent and specific delivery is needed, hot-shot service may be a great alternative to the standard shipping services. With our help you can determine the best way to utilize this service.

What Regulations Should a Hot-Shot Carrier Meet to Ensure the Safety of Our Load?

Our company will help ensure all federal and local regulations and requirements are met, and we can also assist with any paperwork and filing that needs to be done. We will also help ensure that the proper equipment and safety measures are used.

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