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Technology That Drives Profits

Technology That Drives Profits

Offering total transparency, our logistics technology automates processes to optimize supply chains and advance performance. Wicker Park Logistics makes it easy for our clients to improve their bottom line.
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Our innovative transportation technology eradicates common logistics challenges like delayed payments, lack of capacity, and market volatility.
We supply data-backed solutions for the simplest to most complex supply chains. Our advanced analytics encourages informed decision-making opportunities to help businesses grow.
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TMS Enabled VisibilityFleet Management Ecosystem
TMS Enabled Visibility
Our innovative transportation technologies offer end-to-end visibility throughout the lifecycle of each shipment. Wicker Park Logistics’ tailor-made online customer portals have full carrier integration to track freight shipments, update delivery times, optimize carrying capacity, and improve sustainability - all at the touch of a button.
Fleet Management Ecosystem
Wicker Park Logistics see carriers as critical partners, taking the time on the front end to understand their fleet needs, approaching the relationship in a collaborative effort to yield mutual long term results. Whether you are an owner operator or part of a 500 truck operation. There is no cookie cutter way to facilitate your most desired freight. Our digital solutions are continuously optimizing in the quest to find the best optimal price, best desired lane regardless of your current origin and always keep your fleet moving with Wicker Park Logistics.
Enterprise IntegrationCompetitive Pricing Algorithm
Enterprise Integration
Our platform services that we have in place will help streamline all your enterprise connectivity needs. Our open API pipeline connects with your Data Sources, Applications and all Trading Partners. Take a load off your plate by letting us drive your technology to the next generation of logistics.
Competitive Pricing Algorithm
The days of carriers reaching out to their supply chain providers and calling for their best price are far gone. Wicker Park has established relationships with some of the biggest partners in the digital freight marketplace to provide the most competitive pricing. Our pricing analysts know what drives our carrier network and that is why we have created an in-house algorithm to correlate with today’s market and stay current in all conditions.
On-Demand Capacity SourcingWicker Park Signal
On-Demand Capacity Sourcing
Wicker Park Logistics’ supply chain and logistics technology provide immediate access to nationwide markets in real-time for seamless capacity matching. Our digital solutions provide instant quoting, tendering, tracking, and settlement. Access to a comprehensive suite of analytics empowers our clients to make the right supply chain decisions.
Wicker Park Signal
Put down the phone, tune into the Signal. Carriers in our Signal network have direct access to all WPL loads and load bidding opportunities at the touch of a button. Set designated lanes in our customized and configurable portal and be alerted once a preferred load goes live in our system. Choose your load, set your price and go. Don’t worry about check calls as all our Signal carriers have TMS enabled visibility throughout the load. This means no check calls and only focusing on what’s ahead of you. We make it easy so you can focus on the things that matter. Like moving forward (and sometimes backwards).

Payments with HaulPay

HaulPay eliminates your payment headaches and ensures the fastest settlement.
Easily board and manage payment preferences.
Quick pay or standard terms
Real time payment updates
Automates your AR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Maximum Size and Weight of a Shipment You Can Provide?

Generally, the maximum weight of a shipment is around 34,000- 45,000 Lbs, while the maximum height of freight is limited to 102 inches. However, this is dependent on the weight of the vehicle (some trucks may be able to scale heavier) and the state's local laws.

Where to Find Shipping Documents I Need?

There are a number of important shipping documents required to transport freight. Most can be found online. However, if done incorrectly, your freight will not reach its intended destination. We recommend hiring a 3PL company to handle this administrative process to prevent unnecessary delays along the way.

What is Load-to-Ride?

Freight orders loaded onto a truck and taken directly to their destination are referred to as load-to-ride shipments. This term is used to describe larger pallet count LTL shipments and often includes orders from multiple companies to solve transportation problems and deliver items to customers en-route, without cross-docking.

What are Freight Terms of Sale?

Freight terms of sale identify who is responsible for the payment of freight and are usually expressed as prepaid or collect. Within these two categories, there are the following options: prepaid to a stated location, collect beyond or the third party or pre-pay and add. They are often specified in the quote, contract, or general terms & conditions.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the process in which a person or company organizes shipments on behalf of companies or individuals. They ensure goods get from the manufacturer to a market, customer, or final point of distribution. Forwarders usually have contracts with multiple carriers to move goods along the supply chain.

What is Freight Class?

Freight class is a shipping industry pricing classification that enables the standardization of prices across all LTL freight carriers and businesses, including brokers and warehouses. It is determined by the National Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) and based on different factors such as ease of handling, value, weight, length, height, density, and liability.

Make Our Efficient Technology Your Advantage

Make Our Efficient Technology Your Advantage

Looking for a competitive advantage? Let our cutting-edge technology solutions for logistics transform your unique supply chain challenges into new-found opportunities.