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The DNA of Wicker Park Logistics: Customers, Transparency & Commitment

Nathan McGuire
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August 4, 2023
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The DNA of Wicker Park Logistics: Customers, Transparency & Commitment
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Since opening its doors in 2021, Chicago-based Wicker Park Logistics has been guided by two principal objectives when it comes to laying the foundation for lasting business partnerships with its customers. The first is to provide a guaranteed commitment to servicing all the transportation needs of shippers and freight forwarders. The second objective involves creating a model of transparency, providing excellent professional communication at all times, and providing customers with real-time visibility on all shipments throughout their supply chains.

This approach has helped Wicker Park Logistics quickly gain a reputation among transportation leaders as a highly respected and dependable service provider focused on the unique operational requirements of its customers.

Success Rooted in Relationship Building 

Wicker Park Logistics is a small but mighty 3PL operating in a crowded logistics marketplace. After all, the city of Chicago is one of the largest transportation hubs in the United States. So what sets them apart? If anything, being a small brokerage lends certain advantages over other competitors.

Wicker Park Logistics offers the flexibility and attention to detail in servicing customers in ways that most larger brokerages don’t usually offer. This creates opportunities for customers that provide scalable growth for both parties. Wicker Park Logistics visits with customers and prioritizes relationship building, learning about their organization and every touchpoint within their supply chains. This approach provides a roadmap to the steps that must be taken to create a strategic partnership that is enduring and built for mutual success.

Technology is also a Differentiator

This consultative approach allows Wicker Park Logistics and its team of experts to locate specific pain points causing supply chain disruptions and target areas in a customer’s operations that would benefit from the support of technological solutions.

From route optimization to reduced loading times to improved on-time delivery performance, Wicker Park Logistics runs customizable reports tailored specifically to the needs of its customers.

“Our technology allows enterprise-level customers the ability to align their platform instantaneously with ours. Users have the ability to log in remotely, get real-time visibility on all shipments, centralize their trade data into an easy-to-use platform, and get instant rate quotes,” said Nathan McGuire, the COO of Wicker Park Logistics.

Commitment to Guaranteed Capacity

From technology to compliance to organizational synergy to aligning the goals of customers and their carrier partners, Wicker Park Logistics helps companies strengthen the resilience of supply chains across North America. And one of the ways they honor their commitment to customer satisfaction is by guaranteeing 100% tender acceptance on all shipments. Whether their customers have cross-border freight in Canada or Mexico, or U.S. domestic shipments, Wicker Park Logistics’ carefully vetted network of carriers provides year-round dedicated service.

“Our technology provides customers with immediate on-demand capacity. It’s one of our pillars here that we honor our commitment to servicing the transportation needs of our customers and providing them with the best trucks and equipment available, ensuring that all loads get covered,” McGuire said.

It is precisely the harmonization of communication, carrier density, supply chain operations, and technologies that have made Wicker Park Logistics so successful in delivering performance and satisfaction for their customers. But McGuire attributes the company’s achievements to the individual efforts of his workforce. McGuire has been building a winning culture by strategically hiring seasoned veterans with decades of experience in logistics.

“We are surrounded by great individuals that specialize in so many different facets of supply chain. It’s like having an encyclopedia of knowledge available at all times. This, combined with our transparent business model and open door policy, has helped create a really amicable work environment that makes our jobs very fun and exciting.”

Learn more about Wicker Park Logistics’ services, and follow our blog for more industry insights.

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