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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Creating Best-in-class Supply Chain Solutions for Continued Growth and Success

Meet critical milestones and secure short-term and long-term goals for capacity and volume with the finest in supply chain optimization and collaboration.
Supply Chain Solutions

Leverage Digital Freight Network To Create Optimized Supply Chain Solutions

With all the latest advancements in logistics and supply chain solutions, it is more important than ever for shipping managers to capitalize on the newest supply chain innovations. Of all these advancements, the growth of the digital freight network has become one of the greatest assets that modern supply chain service providers have to work with. Innovative systems, collaborative platforms, on-demand digital access, and real-time tracking and communications make supply chain optimization more achievable than ever before. For logistics and supply chain services to be truly scalable and adaptable, all team members and third-party partners must utilize the digital freight network.
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We Offer Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions For Any Unique Challenge or Disruption

No matter the specific needs or goals, the innovative tools and technology offered by Wicker Park Logistics will satisfy all supply chain and logistics service needs. Rest at ease knowing a team of professionals is here to provide solutions for any logistics and supply chain challenges or disruptions that may occur.
Start on the right foot with a robust warehouse management platform, along with clear and easy-to-use tracking and management software, so disruptions are kept to a minimum with current inventory and management tracking.
Reverse Logistics


Manage individual projects, reverse logistics management, and entire supply chain flows quickly and easily with our innovative logistics platforms and tools, all designed with you and your customers in mind.
Supply ChainConsulting

Supply Chain

Get expert insight and direction for end-to-end management and optimization of your supply chain network with upstream/downstream consulting on procurement, all powered with state-of-the-art modern technology integration.
The business of trade shows is exciting and thriving. It’s where you get to highlight your accolades, and Wicker Park Logistics can help you ship your trade show freight with the preferred carriers, including many Union-based carriers for stages, booths and equipment.
Wicker Park Logistics is well-versed and experienced in inbound logistics management. Seamlessly, manage inventory more easily by securing more flexibility in dock management, reducing confusion over deliveries, and leveraging the technology and experience of Wicker Park Logistics.
An understanding of cold chain needs is critical to avoiding spoilage and keeping customers happy. Wicker Park Logistics can help your team account for temperature-sensitive items, plan climate-controlled transportation and reduce confusion over what’s happening and why.

Wicker Park Logistics Advantage in Supply Chain Services

Tap into the finest software, dashboards, platforms, and tools available with Wicker Park Logistics’ third-party supply chain management features. Discover the advantage we can provide today with our advanced supply chain services:
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Optimized supply chain process
Retailer consolidation and optimization
Enhanced transit lines for on-time delivery
Easy to use and access platforms
Advanced inventory management software
Comprehensive carrier network
Customized reporting and tracking modes
On-demand access to real-time data
Improved supply chain visibility
Reduced claims and higher profit margins
Improved speed and reliability of shipments
A strategic account management team
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Ready To Increase Your Supply Chain Efficiency & Reduce Costs?

We are dedicated to providing the finest in modern logistics and management tools and software. When you need a supply chain solutions provider with a reputation for innovative growth and success within multiple markets and industries, there is only one name to trust: Wicker Park Logistics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

How Can We Reduce Our Transportation Costs?

The best way to reduce costs and fees associated with day-to-day supply chain network operations and management is to partner with a proven leader in the industry. Wicker Park Logistics has a reputation for quality and excellence, and we are ready to demonstrate the difference we can make for you and your team.

How Do We Avoid Bottlenecks in Our Supply Chain?

Our services are specially designed to take recent data, analyze it and apply it in real-time to avoid making decisions based on outdated or expired information and old status updates. This allows us to adjust and respond quickly to avoid delays, bottlenecks, and other common disruptions that plague other supply chain solution providers.

What Benefits for Our Supply Chain Can Wicker Park Logistics Provide?

Our services come with a host of benefits that can make any supply chain network more functional and successful:

  • Innovative technology
  • Collaborative platforms
  • Streamlined data-sharing
  • On-demand data access
  • Reduced error frequency
  • Stronger negotiated power
  • Better inventory management
  • Faster communication options
  • Improved end-to-end visibility 
  • Scalable and adaptable service
  • And more

Do You Provide Solutions for My Industry?

We proudly service a wide range of industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, food service, aerospace, construction, agricultural, and more. We offer a range of customizable services to meet further any unique or specialized needs.

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