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The Freight Brokerage Company That Adapts to Your Needs

Get the competitive advantage with The Digital Freight Brokerage Company from a leading expert in the industry: Wicker Park Logistics.
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Our team is ready to meet all your transportation and brokerage needs.
With our interconnected nationwide network of carrier partners, we can provide capacity opportunities and transportation brokerage solutions when our clients need them the most. Our freight services span every option available under multimodal shipping and transportation service, including hazardous materials, fragile shipments, cold freight, medicinal transports, and more. Whether you would like help with a unique shipment or are looking to establish long-term partnerships for transportation brokerage solutions, we are here to help.
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Why Wicker Park Logistics Is The Right Freight Broker For You

Securing the correct freight brokerage services is a critical first step in building a logistics management platform that can successfully mitigate any market disruptions that arise. We at Wicker Park focus on three primary services to make shipping easier for you:
freight broker company
Consistent & Flexible Capacity


Without clear visibility, the modern supply chain will struggle to keep pace with current trends, avoid disruptions, address customer concerns, and leverage innovations effectively.
Cost Stability


Disruptions don’t always happen during business hours, and issues can arise at any time. Management teams need on-demand access to professional service assistance.
Reduce Risks


Adapting and scaling services as needed to meet market trends and consumer demands is critical for continued growth and success within the industry.

Modes We Cover as Transportation Brokerage Specialists

Freight brokers can help streamline transportation operations by offering innovative truckload broker services that can help with shipping services and needs and modes:

For Shippers: Get The Edge When it Comes to Freight Broker Services

Shippers can also greatly benefit from services that are available through our state-of-the-art logistics broker service packages. Services include popular options such as:
Dedicated Concierge


Get custom turnkey services designed specifically to meet your unique needs and goals.
Right Capacity


Rest assured, you will always have the suitable capacity to meet any need or situation, regardless of current market trends.
Visibility & Market Intel

Visibility &
Market Intel

Keep up to date with the latest innovations and trends through a dedicated team of logistics brokers who are working to optimize visibility and adaptability within your network.
Trust And Assurance

Trust And

With our company as a partner, you have access to years of experience and professional guidance, as well as the assurance that comes only from working with the best of the best.

For Carriers: Unlock Digital Freight Brokerage Provider and Get Things Done Your Way

Our digital freight brokerage solutions are unlike anything else available, and for those carriers specializing in truckloads and LTL loads, our services can indeed be game-changing.
Instant Support


Experience the power of on-demand 24/7 access to a trained and experienced support team. They can help you and your customers rest easier during shipping and transportation.
More Choice, More Opportunity

More Choice, More Opportunity

With ready access to a variety of capacity options, it is easier to take advantage of every opportunity available to maximize profits and grow your company.
Easy Payment & Booking

Easy Payment
& Booking

Rather than wasting time with invoices, payments, and emails, focus on the things that matter while we handle the paperwork for you.
Competitive, Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

Partnering with a dedicated freight brokerage provider can help ensure you get the best rates and prices, so you can maximize your bottom line ROI.

Advanced Technology Improve Brokerage Services

Modern brokerage technology solutions are designed to meet the growing demand for digitization. Advanced technology is what our company has to offer.

Load Tracking and Freight Matching

Track and monitor shipment progress and location in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

Feature-Rich Mode Management

Enjoy a host of customizable and moldable features to meet all your management needs.


Access the latest load broker software for streamlined truckload and less-than-truckload services.
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Freight Broker Service That Adapts To Your Business

The finest services available from a 3PL brokerage company such as Wicker Park Logistics can grow and scale to meet the needs and demands of the business and the market
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from our new clients.

Are There Any Hidden Fees I Should Know About?

All charges associated with the brokerage service provided by us are fully disclosed and negotiated before a contract agreement is executed.

What Advantages Do I Get Working With a Digital Freight Broker?

A host of benefits become available to shippers and carriers who work with a digital freight broker expert:

  • Improved customer service
  • Better communication
  • Faster resolution to issues
  • Improve adaptability
  • On-demand data access
  • Enhanced collaboration opportunities
  • Better overall organization
  • Reduced fees and expenses
  • Less missed capacity
  • More significant overall growth and success

Why Should My Business Use Freight Brokerage Services?

A freight brokerage service provider can help to streamline critical processes and free up team members to focus on more essential tasks rather than being burdened with repetitive work.

What Does a Digital Freight Broker Do?

Digital brokers manage freight capacity opportunities and serve as a matchmaker of sorts between shippers, carriers, and logistics managers.

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