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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Intermodal Freight Shipping Service

Understanding the value of intermodal and drayage freight shipping services is an important step toward achieving faster and more efficient shipping.
Intermodal Freight Transportation
intermodal transportation
Tapping into the potential of intermodal transport can open doors of growth and expansion for any transportation service provider.
Everything from cross-dock/transloads, to drayage services, to final-mile delivery can be improved and streamlined. Intermodal shipping also allows for easier access to intermodal rail carriers and other services that can improve transportation company performance.
intermodal freight

When Intermodal Freight Shipping Is Right For You

When fast and reliable shipments are needed, intermodal shipping takes advantage of rail, ship, and truck services to move the freight along. Wicker Park Logistics can help you find the carrier options that fit your intermodal shipping needs.

Our Intermodal Services Include

When you partner with Wicker Park Logistics, you can benefit from a range of intermodal freight carrier services such as:
intermodal drayage truck
Containers and Freight Cars (COFC Shipments), including 53', 40' and marine container solutions
Drop Trailers (TOFC Shipments), including 53' and live load/unload operations
Light Weight Drayage Network
Single invoice, bundled accessorial / chassis costs
Oversized, over-dimensional, and heavy-lift project cargo shipments
Access to all Class I railways in the U.S. and Canada
Transcontinental Border-to-Border Freight Shipping
Cross-Border Freight Services to Mexico and Canada
Extra Capacity for Seasonal Surges and Peak Periods

Railroad Partners We Work With

Wicker Park Logistics has partnered with a range of railroad service providers, with more being added all the time!


Our Intermodal Network Locations Map

The Wicker Park Logistics intermodal railroad ramp locations allow for quick and easy transportation throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Benefits Of Wicker Park Logistics Intermodal Shipping Solutions

Tapping into the benefits of intermodal transportation logistics is easy with the Wicker park Logistics team on your side. Key benefits for all intermodal customers can be expected to include:
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Consistent & Flexible Capacity

Easy Tracking With Innovative Technology

The latest in tracking and real-time monitoring allows for more reliable ETA prediction and faster response when disruptions or exceptions occur.
Cost Stability

Reduced Handling

Intermodal transportation helps reduce the number of times goods are loaded and unloaded, which helps limit the chances for loss or damage to occur.
Reduce Risks

Diverse and Cost-Effective Solutions

Intermodal service by Wicker Park Logistics makes it easier to offer the most cost-effective shipping options to your customers while reducing overhead costs.
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Address Your Intermodal And Drayage Needs

The ability to offer reliable and affordable intermodal and drayage transportation services is critical for achieving continued growth and success in the highly competitive market that is transportation and shipping.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

What is the Difference Between Intermodal and Multimodal Transportation?

Essentially the difference is this. Intermodal transportation looks at the individual mode of transportation as a separate and isolated contract, which can be chained together to complete the shipping process. On the other hand, multimodal transportation looks at the entire shipping process and all the modes involved under the monitoring radar of one single carrier.

What Container on Flat Car Solutions Do You Provide?

This method of transportation for containers makes use of available railcar capacity and uses road-based transportation lanes and modes. This often allows for faster loading and unloading and can cut time and expenses off the final delivery of medium-to-larger shipments.

What TOFC Capacity Can You Provide?

Trailer on flat car deliveries can help speed up the movement of cargo from one shipping mode to another. Moving containers from ocean ports or airports to trucking distribution centers can be done more quickly and efficiently using railcar availability.

Do You Provide Rail Transloading Services Within Intermodal?

Importing and exporting freight can be streamlined and simplified with rail transloading services and intermodal freight transportation. Domestic and international freight is often transported with rail-based services, such as those available from our intermodal freight company.

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