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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Shipping & Supply Chain Solutions For Medical And Pharmaceutical Companies

As hard as paper and packaging companies work and strive for an innovative future, the need for trusting shipping services heightens and should grow with you.
Pulp, Paper, and Packaging Shipping and Logistics Services
In the paper and packaging supply chain the customers' needs for a wide variety of paper products must be met, anytime and at any location.
With Wicker Park Logistics, meeting your paper product needs in a prompt, professional manner is always the priority. We provide expert paper and packaging shipping anywhere, we serve the US, and cross-border to Mexico and Canada. For more efficient and customer-based packaging logistics solutions we provide primary, backup, and spot freight to meet all your shipping needs.
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Our Paper Products Shipping Services

We strive to provide the solutions for the high service-level requirements of the paper and packaging industry. At Wicker Park Logistics we provide flexibility and continuous improvement orientation to adapt to daily changes for shipping of paper products, paper truck transport, forest products, and so more more!
For smaller cargo on the road as quickly as possible with our ability to locate available capacity.
Transporting paperboard packaging via multiple modes of transportation can be a major challenge, but we handle it seamlessly.
Whether your shipments fill one trailer or 1,000 we can connect you with the trucking companies that will be the best fit.
Wherever and whenever you need to send products we can take care of it without any of the hassles from global shipping.

Types Of Packaging And Paper Products We Transport

Companies that ship paper products need to understand the care and requirements for paper and packaging shipping. To decrease the risk of dirty, defected or damaged goods at Wicker Park Logistics we focus on the attention to detail:
Last Mile
Roll stocks
Last Mile
Consumer packaging
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Recovered fiber
Last Mile
Printed materials
Last Mile
Last Mile
Shipping paper rolls
Last Mile
Shipping paper to be recycled
Last Mile
Last Mile
Cardboard shipping

The Wicker Park Logistics Advantage for Paper and Packaging Supply Chain

Through our experts and carrier network, we ensure high quality and on-time delivery suitable for any and all supply chain planning. No matter how quickly the delivery is needed or where, we pull all the to give our customers the best experience possible. Additionally, other benefits to gain through trusting Wicker Park Logistics are listed below:
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Maintain real-time visibility over shipments and ETAs
Innovative technology with on-demand access to dashboards
Expedited freight solutions such as ground, air, and specialized service
24/7 dedicated support from our professional customer service experts
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Optimize Your Paper & Packaging Logistics With True Experts In The Field

We constantly seek innovative solutions and new ways to meet the demands of the marketplace while helping to grow any business. To receive the best resources from a paper and packaging logistics provider contact our team of experts to discuss your needs, and ensure they are met.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

What are the most common challenges in paper package logistics now?

The top challenges include cross-border trade, maintaining cleanliness and stability of transit without risking damage to paper goods, particularly damage resulting from humidity or exposure to the elements.

How can we reduce costs when transporting paper products?

We leverage our unique approach with radical transparency to ensure your paper products are kept in the right form of transportation, free from damage and continuously optimized based on data and forecasts to avoid issues.

How can we ensure our paper commodities are shipped without damage?

We follow a simple principle of always optimizing freight from end-to-end, as well as using the right equipment, to minimize the risk of damage while keeping real-time status and tracking the condition of the freight at all times

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