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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Shipping & Supply Chain Solutions For Medical And Pharmaceutical Companies

Wicker Park Logistics offers supply chain & transportation solutions for life sciences and medical suppliers. We provide best-in-class transportation technology to optimize end-to-end solutions.
Shipping & Supply Chain Solutions For Medical And Pharmaceutical Companies
We understand the importance of life-sustaining pharmaceuticals and healthcare logistics services and optimize in providing secure and compliant visibility.
Shipping solutions to medical suppliers require a range of services, including storage in multiple temperature zones, cold-chain solutions, reverse logistics, and advanced tracking and tracing technologies. Wicker Park Logistics can provide these solutions and more to ensure total supply chain visibility and reporting on product flow across all modes of transportation. Such requirements can only be treated seriously and handled by the best, to give healthcare providers the service they need.
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Our Shipping Services For Healthcare

We provide flexible, efficient, and unmatched technology-enhanced transportation for all pharmaceutical freight shipping needs. Freight, carriers, or a fleet of vehicles, are just a few examples of our transportation logistics for medical supply carriers. More specialized transportation options include:
Consistent & Flexible Capacity

Dedicated Fleet for Life-Saving Needs

Our dedicated fleet can provide assistance where you need it the most, improving the bottom line by making day-to-day operations faster and more efficient. Additionally, such services extend to all types of modes and methods with real-time visibility and monitoring.
Cost Stability

Consolidated LTL Shipments to Save Health Industry Overhead

By utilizing consolidated LTL through us, we focus on making the loading, transporting, unloading, and final delivery as quick and easy as possible. Along with this, we include innovative technology, reduced shipping, and handling costs, and reduced risks and damages.
Reduce Risks

Last-Mile Deliveries to Guarantee Viability

Last-mile delivery can make or break the business, and precious cargo such as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies can be crucial. We offer dedicated LTL freight experts 24/7, advanced technology & instant access, and simplified invoicing and payment.
Reduce Risks

Temperature-Controlled Trucking for Sensitive Healthcare Supplies

For pharmaceutical freight shipping, temperature-controlled trucking is needed for specific cargo while maintaining visibility. We also offer on-demand tracking access and automated notifications to ensure the products are kept safe at the proper temperature for such trucking.

We Serve Various Aerospace Companies

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical supplies, medical equipment, drugs, and other health supplies require the proper shipping services to save lives and avoid damage claims. At Wicker Park Logistics, we can provide service for different lab and medical equipment shipping needs, including:
Last Mile
Last Mile
MRI Machines
Last Mile
Hospital Beds
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
CT Scanners
Last Mile
Perishable Pharmaceuticals
Last Mile
IV bags
Last Mile
Latex gloves
Last Mile
Last Mile
Operating robotics
Last Mile
Ultrasound equipment
Last Mile
X-ray machines
Last Mile
Dental chairs

Why Choose Wicker Park Logistics' Solutions For Healthcare

Wicker Park Logistics provides a customer-based solution for all freight shipping needs to gain customers’ trust and establish a long-term relationship. We will help you along every step and offer you the solution with the best quality, without a hefty price tag.
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Consistent & Flexible Capacity

Utmost Safety And Security

We will consider any caution and safety needs when working with our customers and accommodating their shipping needs. Our health transportation experts are ready 24/7 to provide dedicated solutions for any shipping security issue, chain of custody requirement, or change of plan.
Cost Stability

Standards And Compliance

At Wicker Park Logistics, our standard is to provide the best service to all customers, including healthcare logistics providers. Our standard is to provide transparency and strategic planning to provide excellent service where needed.
Reduce Risks

Continuous Improvement

In logistics, there is a constant improvement to provide the best service to all customers. Taking the time to listen to how our healthcare customers think we can improve and watching for advancements in technology or the industry can help us ensure we give you our best.
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Optimize Your Healthcare Supply Chain With Us Today

With our experts ready to meet your challenges, we want to provide the best solutions for all medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. The cargo should be treated just as significantly as the customers, with safety and transparency to ensure the best care possible. As a full-service 3PL logistics company, we want to be trusted with your service and cargo to meet all your needs and make this a more straightforward process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

Can you ship our medical supplies to diverse locations?

Absolutely, we utilize an extensive carrier network to offer various transportation solutions to reduce total transportation spend while keeping the service levels high. Any mode is available, including LTL and expedited services, to guarantee a solution to your transportation needs.

How can you help us manage our medical supply chain?

First, our trusted experts will listen to your transportation needs and concerns and simply what you'd like to get out of your health industry transportation. Then, we can begin to look at various solutions through our extensive carrier network and customizable supply chain solutions.

Do you offer premium logistics solutions for our medical supplies?

Yes, pharmaceutical and medical services or hazardous materials and chemicals can all have a solution through us! We will provide a simple solution to any needs, from last-mile delivery to temperature-controlled storage. We have you covered!

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