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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Transportation And Logistics Services For Agriculture And Farm Industry

The agricultural industry has unique challenges that must be done in an efficient seamless process. Wicker Park Logistics can ensure the agricultural transportation and logistic needs are met just as seamlessly.
Transportation And Logistics Services For Agriculture And Farm Industry
In such a fluctuating demand and seasonality industry, timing and visibility are vital, especially during planting and harvesting season.
Having to monitor the safety and condition of perishables, track the proper documentation, and cost-effective delivery can be chaos to handle without expert agricultural shipping services. At Wicker Park Logistics we can provide service across the domestic US, and across the border to Canada and Mexico. Our supply chain solutions can ensure real-time visibility, innovative technology, and an extensive carrier network to turn your challenges into opportunities for growth.
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Our Agricultural Transportation Services

We craft our agricultural transportation and logistic solutions to take into account the full picture of what the industry needs. Our team of experts can provide a reliable, safe, and secure solution with the highest degree of integrity while prioritizing the customer. In addition to refrigerated freight and secure transportation and warehousing services, we offer:
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Flatbeds and open decks for equipment hauling
Warehousing and distribution management
Flexible location management
Inbound and outbound logistics management
Parcel and LTL shipping options
On-demand access to real-time data
Cold chain solutions
Customized reporting and tracking modes

Types Of Agricultural Commodities We Ship

We accommodate a wide variety of shipping solutions for agricultural products transportation including spices, raw beet, sugar cane, and so much more. From hauling farm equipment, dairy, agricultural machinery, and materials used in the production process, we can provide a solution. Wicker Park Logistics can haul:
Last Mile
Last Mile
Combine harvesters
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Trailers and trucks
Last Mile
Cereals and Oilseeds
Last Mile
Fruits and Vegetables
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Forest Products

Why Choose Wicker Park Logistics For Retail Transportation Needs

While other transportation companies can’t handle the shipment, we step in to handle all your needs and provide methods to transport your agricultural machinery almost anywhere. Our highly trained and experienced experts know how to handle agricultural logistics and long-distance shipping on a deadline by utilizing:
Dedicated Concierge

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking and reporting systems with innovative technology for sustainable solutions.
Right Capacity

24/7 security

24/7 security and dedicated one-on-one customer support to provide assistance to all your needs.
Visibility & Market Intel

Recall-ready systems

Flexible recall-ready systems for an optimized supply chain process.
Trust And Assurance

Comprehensive carrier network

Comprehensive carrier network which offers exceptional capacity for shipping agricultural freight.
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Keep your production moving in the agriculture supply chain and receive the shipping solutions you need. We know the needs of your agricultural business and can manage your just-in-time production all the way through the final delivery of your finished products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

How can we avoid capacity disruption during the produce season?

We leverage solutions for efficient capacity-matching to streamlining your production schedule to provide an extensive carrier network and dedicated capacity procurement to maximize shipment execution.

What are your options for agricultural machinery haulage?

For agricultural machinery we utilize technology for any type of mode or equipment needed. We offer options such as flatbed, dry van, step deck, RGN, and conestoga.

What trucking services are best for transporting farming equipment?

We offer a broad range of equipment that is needed to get your freight moved, expedited or long-haul shipments. A flatbed, step deck, and RGN can fit the needs for unique requirements for machinery and vehicles.

How can we safely transport dairy, grain and similar bulk products?

We have refrigerated freight for products such as dairy that need to stay refrigerated to store, manage, and maintain the shipment details. Additionally, we have LTL shipping solutions to accomodate to size and volume.

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