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Tap into the Benefits of Expedited Freight & Logistics Services

Transportation And Logistics Services For Aviation And Aerospace Industry

Wicker Park Logistics offers aviation and aerospace logistics solutions with innovative technology that can keep your supply chain growing without growing stress.
Transportation And Logistics Services For Aviation And Aerospace Industry
Aerospace and defense transportation requires careful planning to ensure the safe and timely movement of all components.
Aerospace components are often bulky and almost always expensive, which can add hassle to the customs process. Thankfully with Wicker Park Logistics as your aerospace logistics service provider, we have a solution for all these hassles and more. We provide aircraft-on-ground (AOG) shipping services to meet our customers’ specific needs. We want to provide secure, innovative, and time-sensitive services, which is why we can serve both commercial and government clients from the US and cross-border into Mexico and Canada.
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Our Customized Logistics Solutions For Aerospace Supply Chain

Every customer that requires aviation supply chain management has specific needs, which is why Wicker Park :Logistics offers a range of solutions when shipping aviation components. We provide solutions to streamline your supply chain for delivery and aviation aftermarket logistics.
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Real-time Data Visibility
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Dedicated Capacity Network
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Reports and Scorecards
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Expedited and time-critical shipping
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On-demand digital access
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We Serve Various Aerospace Companies

From raw materials, components or subassemblies, Wicker Park Logistics supports inbound, in-plant, and outbound movements to and from the manufacturing plant and end-customers worldwide. We can help the following types of aerospace companies:
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Armed forces and defense industries
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Engine manufacturing companies
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EOMs, MROs, and airlines
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Launching systems
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Spacecraft manufacturers

We're Capable Of Transporting High-Value Aircraft Inventories

Wicker Park Logistics understands our customers' needs and what it takes to ship products for the aerospace industry. From large engines to mass quantities of aircraft spare parts logistics, we can transport a wide variety of aircraft parts:
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Aircraft and rocket engines and components
Rudders, fans, pistons, and cylinders
Wings and flaps
Nacelles and aircraft interiors
Tires and airframes
Aircraft landing gear
Swashplate assemblies and blades for helicopters

Why Choose Wicker Park Logistics To Move Your Aerospace Cargo?

Cost Stability

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology that provides online customer portals to leverage data, around-the-clock visibility, capacity matching, and updated delivery times.
Reduce Risks

Access to Heavy Haul

Access to heavy haul and flatbed trucks, and step deck trailers to meet all truckload needs.
Reduce Risks

Expedited and Quick Solutions

For expedited and quick solutions, we provide hotshot delivery, team service, and emergency and peak season shipping.
Reduce Risks


We can service both commercial and government clients from the US and cross-border into Mexico and Canada.
Reduce Risks

Security Standards

C-TPAT is compliant with established rigorous security standards to guard against smuggling cargo.
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Trust Your Aerospace Transportation To The Real Experts

For any and all aerospace logistics companies, Wicker Park Logistics focuses on making our clients’ lives easier by taking the hassle out of the process. Trust our experts with any of your needs, no matter the size and no matter the time frame.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

What Should We Look For In AOG Logistics Provider?

An AOG provider should be able to meet all your shipment needs, no matter the time frame or delivery size. Wicker Park Logistics makes the process easier for the customer and provides innovative technology, end-to-end visibility, and an extensive carrier network.

How Do You Manage Risks When Transporting Aviation Cargo?

Wicker Park Logistics provides customizable supply chain solutions to ensure every customer's unique needs are met. We also have our trusted expertise and TMS-enabled visibility to improve sustainability and accurate outcomes.

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