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Transportation Logistics Services For Chemical And Plastics Industry

Wicker Park Logistics offers customized transportation solutions and integrated chemical logistics solutions for the chemical and plastics production industries. For moving chemicals ( hazardous or not), plastics, or hazmat safely, every detail counts.
Transportation Logistics Services For Chemical And Plastics Industry
When shipping products in the chemical supply chain, heated liquids, liquid bulk, and hazardous and non-hazardous materials require the highest quality trucks and logistics services.
Capturing and applying the correct data is essential for chemical and plastics companies to manage costs, comply with regulatory requirements, and track and monitor formulation standards. Wicker Park Logistics works with a vast network to ensure the best trucking options to meet your specific needs. Not only do we work throughout the U.S. and cross-border into Canada and Mexico, we also provide to meet the stringent standards for experience and promptness in the transport of ISO tanks and chemical bulk transportation services.
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Our Chemical Shipping And Logistics Services

Wicker Park Logistics offers a wide variety of transportation solutions that would help your business from start to finish. We can provide this by creating an infrastructure that offers cost-effective services while delivering cargo on time and damage-free for chemical trucking carriers.
Our network of carriers can accommodate shipments whether they fill one or more trailers.
We can find space in a trailer to carry smaller shipments for reliable, on-time, cost-effective shipping of partial loads.
Providing insulated, temperature-controlled trailers that provide the critical environment for chemicals and other liquid bulk.
We offer a wide range of 3PL warehousing tools and services.
Reduce Risks

Specialized Packaging

Warehousing and distribution, supply chain consulting, reverse logistics, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, and project logistics.

Types Of Chemicals And Plastics We Handle

For chemical shipping services, Wicker Park Logistics offers solutions to accommodate all needs for trucking operations and for logistic services. We ensure the customer’s needs and everyone’s safety are always top priorities, due to the chemicals being transported. The types of chemical-related product we transport include but are not limited to:
Last Mile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Dyes, Paper & Textile
Last Mile
Last Mile
Optical Brighteners
Last Mile
Last Mile
Agricultural Chemicals
Last Mile
Last Mile
Paper Treatment
Last Mile
Last Mile
Plastic Resins
Last Mile
Last Mile
Temperature-Controlled Rooms

The Wicker Park Logistics Advantage For Chemical And Plastics Industry

Wicker Park Logistics is committed to our customers, and we are constantly seeking established and long-lasting relationships among companies that ship chemicals. We will guide and offer you the best solutions:
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Consistent & Flexible Capacity


End-to-end visibility and streamlined modes of communication ensure data and information can be updated and shared quickly and easily.
Cost Stability


Let our team of experts in the chemical industry and trucking carriers guide your decision-making and ensure all priorities are met.
Reduce Risks


We are a partner you can lean on under any circumstances to secure the value of your product.
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Trust Your Chemical Shipments To The Professionals

The management and transportation of hazardous materials calls for a responsive 3PL provider with the skill and know-how for any chemical logistics company. That is precisely what we are at Wicker Park Logistics. To learn how we make your needs our top priority, reach out to us today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and need answers sooner rather than later, which is why we have gathered some of the most common questions we get from new Wicker Park Logistics clients.

Are Chemicals Considered Dangerous Goods?

Yes, chemicals often can be classified as dangerous goods and hazardous materials. We need to know which class your interests fall under and what conditions must apply when being transported.

What Regulations And Endorsements Should Chemical Drivers Meet To Transport Our Loads Safely?

Drivers must display diamond-shaped warning signs called placards, an up-to-date copy of the complete regulations, and a commercial driver license (CDL) with a hazardous materials endorsement before you drive any size vehicle used to transport dangerous materials.

Are There Any Limitations On Packaging Types Of Chemical or Plastics' Freight You Can Transport?

Whether your chemical cargo is moving in drums, IBCs, totes, packaged goods, or flexitanks, we are the one-stop solution for shipping any hazardous or non-hazardous chemical from door to door.

How Can You Help Us Lower Operating Costs In Our Chemical Supply Chain?

We use our advanced technology and data to ensure the best routes for our shipments and provide increased visibility to avoid any delays.

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