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How a Multicarrier Shipping Software Helps Brokerages Deliver on the Promise of Automotive Shipping

Nathan McGuire
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August 9, 2022
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How a Multicarrier Shipping Software Helps Brokerages Deliver on the Promise of Automotive Shipping
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Though the COVID-19 pandemic had a disastrous effect across a broad span of industries, few sectors were harder hit than automotive supply and manufacturing. While many consumers rushed to purchase cars to avoid densely packed public transit, manufacturers faced historic supply shortages, and suppliers struggled to meet demand amidst historic driver shortages. These challenges lead to a drop in automotive sales by "up to 80% in some locations,” according to McKinsey & Company

However, some automotive manufacturers and suppliers have invested in new, creative strategies to succeed in challenging times. Tech-enabled shipping software, offered by a forward-thinking 3PL (third-party logistics software), enables shippers to access the freedom and convenience of traditional fleet ownership without any of the associated expenses. Increasingly, businesses realize that easily-integrated, high-end shipping software isn't just a crisis scenario logistics asset but a vital component of any viable, competitive automotive logistics strategy. 

Why Do Automotive Shippers Need a Multicarrier Shipping Software?

As recovery from the COVID pandemic continues to spur growth across the economy, the used and the new automotive sector remains an area of unprecedented demand. Consumers eager to get back on the road are ordering cars at a quick pace. Maintenance requests that were delayed throughout the pandemic are now clogging repair shops and dealerships alike. With this increased demand comes a need for better, more innovative organizations in automotive supply chains. 

To meet this demand and improve operational efficiency, automotive shippers are increasingly implementing high-tech shipping software solutions. Shipment software gives businesses, shippers, and customers the real-time visibility they need to address logistics crises. Often, traditional logistics rely on outdated manual technology like paper-based bills of lading (BOL) to keep track of valuable freight. However, these manual technologies have a high risk of human error and can easily result in expensive missed deliveries. By implementing online shipping software, shippers can offer their clientele the latest speed and reliability. 

Shipping Software Helps Brokers to Faster Aligned Match Carriers and Loads

Automated shipment software can bring cutting-edge efficiency to outdated logistics operations. For many shippers, allocation presents an expensive obstacle between their customers and the cost-savings that come with maximum supply chain efficiency. Allocation issues can mean freight assets go out half-full, and orders wait at distribution centers without a support system to see them through the final mile. 

Shipping software can provide the intelligent allocation tools that shippers need to ensure that every shipment finds its asset, with no exceptions. With high-tech online shipping software, shippers can identify and secure the carriers they need to deliver on time. 

It Enables Better Tracking to Ensure On-Time In-Full Delivery of Parts

Shipping software allows shippers to join a vast, multi-carrier network of logistics providers. These providers, working together within the same logistics network, can be tracked in real-time, allowing shippers to offer their customers unprecedented transparency in logistics. For customers waiting on expensive parts deliveries, real-time shipment tracking through an online shipment software can mean the difference between nail-biting uncertainty and on-schedule repairs. 

It Leads to Greater Capacity and Options for Custom Delivery Services

Shipment software offers shippers easy access to on-demand capacity solutions. With quick access to a wide variety of carriers, offering a wide range of logistics solutions and freight assets, shippers never have to worry about having the right freight asset for the job. With freight assets from freezer trucks to tankers, LTL to flatbed, shippers can meet the demands of any industry at any time. Through a partnership with a high-tech shipment software provider, shippers can ensure that their capacity troubles are a thing of the past. 

Software Helps Brokers Secure the Best Rates

With brokers looking to help shippers compete against the fast-shipping giants dominating consumer sectors of the delivery industry, many are turning to shipping software to find competitive rates that allow them to offer their clientele premium service at an affordable price. With a wide range of services and carriers to choose from, shippers and brokers alike can find the carrier that works for their logistics needs and their bottom line. 

Utilize Online Shipping Software With Insights From Wicker Park Logistics

As industries recover from the pandemic, it’s time for shippers to consider creative, data-enabled strategies to optimize their truckload procurement process. Contact Wicker Park logistics today, and see what radical logistics transparency can do for your business.

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