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Taking Advantage of Multi-Mode Shipping to Minimize Liquor Logistics Costs

Nathan McGuire
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March 17, 2023
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Taking Advantage of Multi-Mode Shipping to Minimize Liquor Logistics Costs
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We already wrote about how data analytics is helping alcohol shippers improve the overall strength of their supply chains while also lowering their transportation costs. And while technology certainly provides a big incentive for shippers when partnering with a service provider, tech solutions themselves are not the only factors they look for. Most alcohol shippers prefer working with a transportation provider that specializes in servicing the food and beverage industry, and who offer multi-mode shipping options to help fulfill their liquor logistics.

Why is Liquor Logistics so Expensive?

Part of the reason why hauling alcohol can be so expensive is because not every carrier has the certification, experience, and equipment necessary to run loads of liquor. For starters, there are several states that require special permits to haul alcohol through their borders. Carriers must check with local government control boards and make sure they have the required permits to haul alcohol. 

Secondly, wine, spirits, and bottles of booze can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, especially when you consider hauling 43,000lbs of palletized liquor in a dry van. There are many carriers who avoid hauling high-value commodities like liquor due to the general liability involved in the event they damage the product during transport. As we noted elsewhere, some loads of liquor require proof of insurance with up to $1m in coverage, which far exceeds the normal $100,000 cargo insurance required for typical loads.

And finally, hauling wine and spirits is often classified as specialized transport due to the fragility and high value of the cargo. Transportation providers must be experienced in food and beverage logistics and supply chain solutions, and understand the unique service and operational requirements necessary to transport booze throughout the entire lifecycle of the load’s journey.

How Multi-Mode Shipping Helps Minimize Liquor Logistics Costs

Partnering with a transportation service provider that offers a variety of service options helps ensure your customer orders are fulfilled no matter what the pallet size might be. Alcohol shippers prefer working with full-service transportation companies like Wicker Park Logistics that offer multi-mode shipping options that are tailored specifically around the unique operational needs of their customers. This includes services like:

Cross-Border Freight Solutions

Alcohol shippers must coordinate the distribution of bulk ingredients, bottles, packaging, and the finished beverages across the globe. Wicker Park Logistics offers transloading and door-to-door service into Canada and Mexico, helping alcohol shippers connect their products to their North American customers.

Full Truckload Freight

With a vast network of carefully vetted carriers, Wicker Park logistics quickly sources the best trucks and equipment available to service your high-value liquor loads. Whether it’s dry van, reefer, flatbed, or specialized transport, Wicker Park Logistics has carrier density to match your load requirements. Their technology provides on-demand capacity sourcing which provides shippers and carriers alike the ability to immediately match carrier and load options that match each other best. This means you’ll never be left without a truck.

Less Than Truckload

Whether it’s a single pallet going to the state of Washington, or a partial load going to Minnesota, Wicker Park Logistics provides customizable rate quotes, prompt pickup and delivery notifications, and competitive pricing to ensure your getting the best rate available.

Expedited Shipping

Customer satisfaction often relies on just-in-time delivery. Wicker Park Logistics offers expedited service, helping alcohol shippers source their trucks when you need them most. Wicker Park Logistics has you covered for the expedited shipments that arise, helping to cover spot loads, overnight deliveries, and long haul team service to help make your customers happy.

Warehouse and Distribution Management

Most shippers outsource their warehousing to third-party vendors as its more cost effective than investing and building their own brick and mortar facilities. Wicker Park Logistics helps streamline alcohol supply chains by helping shippers stock and distribute their booze across North America. Their warehouse facilities offer:

  • Climate-Controlled Warehousing
  • Cross-docks
  • Transloading
  • Long-term storage
  • Wrap and Palletizing Service 
  • Order Fulfillment Guarantees
  • Full Supply-Chain Management and Distribution

Trust Wicker Park Logistics With your Alcohol Shipments

Each day, alcohol shippers depend on Wicker Park Logistics to connect their North American supply chains to their thirsty customers. Their multi-mode shipping options help customers choose the best service option to transport their high-value commodities and at the most competitive cost available. As a fully-integrated service provider that specializes in hauling for the food and beverage industries, Wicker Park Logistics is the no hassle solution to help carry your loads of liquor. Contact an expert at Wicker Park Logistics today!

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