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Strategic Carrier Sourcing: How Digital Freight Brokers Are Aiding Shippers

Nathan McGuire
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June 15, 2021
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Strategic Carrier Sourcing: How Digital Freight Brokers Are Aiding Shippers
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Digital freight brokers are among the most innovative and in-demand transportation service providers in today’s supply chains. As logistics technology becomes more ingrained in everyday processes, shippers are turning to digital freight brokers to enable strategic carrier sourcing. However, it can be confusing to understand how and why this happens. Let’s take a closer look at how digital brokers make it possible and why that shift is paramount to surviving disruption.

What’s Wrong With Tactical Carrier Sourcing?

Tactical versus strategic can seem like two sides of the same coin. However, tactical sourcing strategies focus on simply getting things moved and to their destination. But in doing so, they sacrifice quality and service level. In a sense, strategic carrier sourcing must include both tactical and proactive measures while still enabling a forward-looking, move-it-now mindset. And that’s contributing to even greater stress as the market recovers from pandemic-driven disruptions. Unfortunately, limited access to capacity is an ongoing major hurdle for shippers faced with the mounting worries of an imminent capacity crunch through the remainder of 2021.

Think about this.

“Freight-industry executives expect a squeeze on trucking capacity that has been driving up shipping costs for U.S. companies to persist through the rest of the year, as strong demand in a rebounding American economy collides with a shortfall in truck availability.”

Jennifer Smith of The Wall Street Journal

Clearly, the tight capacity in the market right now could be the calm before the storm. And the only way to enable better procurement is to start thinking strategically and not necessarily tactically exclusive. It ultimately doesn’t matter what happens if you cannot predict and plan for everything that could go wrong.

Strategic Carrier Sourcing Strategies Consider the Full Process and Are More Informed to Reduce Risk

Strategic Carrier Sourcing

Strategic carrier sourcing relies on the full view of logistics, from the manufacturer through the distribution center and beyond. It also considers the possible reverse flow of goods due to returns, and it all comes together to paint a bigger picture of what’s happening in the network. As such, strategic sourcing strategies have a massive opportunity to apply logistics solutions to understand and measure performance. That positions digital freight brokers to proactively manage risk and reduce costs simultaneously.

Digital Resources Combine to Create a Fully Optimized and Turnkey Operation for New, Upcoming, and Even Established Shippers

Digital freight brokers also have advanced resources, not to mention additional business relationships, to create a fully optimized process for managed transportation. That’s a critical advantage in a world where the Amazon Effect continues to set the standards for delivery. And by giving new, upcoming, and even established shippers a hand up in the world of strategic carrier sourcing, it’s easier to meet those expectations and avoid delays.

Digital freight brokers

Enhance Your Carrier Sourcing Strategy by Partnering With Wicker Park Logistics

The right transportation management solution is not simply a TMS or given system. It’s a dedicated network of passionate individuals who understand digital capabilities are the paragon solutions to increased strategic value. And strategic carrier sourcing by partnering with a digital freight brokerage is the easiest and fastest way to scale your transportation needs. It’s all part of a broader ideal, which is leveraging the right tools and resources so you can focus on what you love in your business.

Today can be the first day of your new and improved strategic carrier sourcing strategy by partnering with the right digital freight broker. Contact Wicker Park Logistics to get started today.

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