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How Food Logistics Providers are Helping Shippers Optimize Their Supply Chain by Leveraging Technology

Nathan McGuire
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February 10, 2023
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How Food Logistics Providers are Helping Shippers Optimize Their Supply Chain by Leveraging Technology
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For all the predictions that logistics experts like to make, here’s one that’s a certainty for 2023: U.S. consumers are going to be buying food, and food shippers will be responsible for making their products available on the store shelves. We’ve already written about how 3PLs can help food shippers streamline their supply chains, where we outlined the different ways that food logistics providers offer value-added services that are designed to streamline shipping operations. In this piece, we will highlight how food shippers are leveraging the different technologies offered by food logistics providers to drive profit margins, gain real-time visibility, and secure capacity on their supply chain.

How Does Technology Aid Food Shippers?

North American fresh produce shippers are preparing themselves for their seasonal harvest. In a few weeks, produce season will start, a period that begins at the end of February and lasts until about mid September. Carriers will flock towards U.S. and Mexican growing regions, as the demand for sourcing reefer capacity increases to haul an enormous volume of fruits and vegetables. Transporting time-sensitive perishable commodities requires careful coordination between the shipper, transportation provider, and driver. The reefer needs to be calibrated and working properly to prevent a breakdown; the trailer needs to be free of odors, holes, and in food-grade condition; the reefer must arrive at the shipper pre-cooled to the right temperature; the driver needs to arrive at the shipper on time; the pallets need to be stacked correctly in the truck; the shipper must be notified when the truck is loaded and gone; and for long haul carriers, the drivers must have fresh hours and ensure they are rolling the max each day to get to the receiver on time! And as anyone in logistics knows, problems can happen at any time that can cause delays, or worse, a spoiled reefer load.

Fortunately, food shippers that partner with a transportation provider that specializes in food and beverage logistics and supply chain solutions get access to some of the latest technologies that are helping food shippers alleviate some of the stresses and challenges  involved in hauling food and fresh produce.This includes value added services like::

  • TMS Enabled Visibility
  • Open API Integration
  • On Demand Capacity Sourcing
  • Instant Rate Quotes
  • Electronic Load Tendering
  • Centralized Communication
  • 24/7 Online Customer Support

How Technology Helps Build Dedicated Reefer Capacity

Food shippers large and small sometimes struggle to get dedicated reefer capacity when they need it most. Seasonal fluctuations, the volatile U.S. truck market, and other obstacles happen every year, making it difficult to source a great truck when the reefer load is ready for pickup. Wicker Park Logistics offers food shippers on-demand capacity sourcing. This digital solution provides real-time capacity matching, empowering shippers to get the best reefer options every time on their time-sensitive shipments. Wicker Park Logistics also specializes in cross-border freight into Canada and Mexico, giving food shippers another valuable incentive when looking for a food logistics provider to help manage their supply chain.

Real-Time Visibility on Every Load

Food shippers want visibility over their supply chain.  Whether the load is getting picked up from a farm or DC, their carrier partner is expected to communicate well, or they risk having disruptions occur to their time-sensitive food loads. Modern 3PL food providers like Wicker Park Logistics are actively helping food and produce shippers get more control on their shipments. They offer tech solutions that are designed to increase transparency throughout the entire load lifecycle. All tracking and tracing is centralized through a digitally integrated TMS that connects seamlessly with your existing software. This tech enables food shippers to get end-to-end visibility on every load.

Cut Your Shipping Costs

Food shippers find that when they partner with a tech-enabled food transportation provider, they can analyze their freight data and find ways to reduce their overall transportation costs. Poor route optimization, produce spoilage, detention fees, and late delivery charges can be eliminated with the help of technology. Automation is also helping food shippers save on their labor costs, reducing the amount that logistics coordinators spend on manual data entry and other operational procedures. Wicker Park Logistics offers food shippers to analyze their shipping data, helping food companies learn where their operations can be streamlined more efficiently.

Wicker Park Logistics Enables Shippers Get More Control Over Their Supply Chain

Technology is helping food shippers simplify their complex supply chains, making it easier to source quality trucks, gain more visibility, and reduce transportation costs. Each day, Wicker Park Logistics is trusted as the main provider for thousands of food and beverage companies who depend on their dedicated service to make sure their high-valued perishable commodities are delivered on time and in full, year round. Wicker Park Logistics combines the latest technologies to help food shippers get more control over their supply chain. Don’t wait for a reefer breakdown to call us! An Expert at Wicker Park Logistics is available today!

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