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The Value of a 3PL, Part III: What Visibility and Data Benefits Does Working With a 3PL Offer

Nathan McGuire
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January 7, 2022
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The Value of a 3PL, Part III: What Visibility and Data Benefits Does Working With a 3PL Offer
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Especially with the current struggles throughout the supply chain and the expectancy of the difficulties to continue with rates and other aspects of the market shippers must prepare diligently. Shippers need assistance with managing all the tasks at hand and preparing for other disruptions that may arise. A 3PL is exceedingly critical for the growth of the business and for providing the proper tools, such as predictive analytics, data insight, and limitless scalability needed to combat such issues. Looking into the growth in 3PL popularity, Logistics Management “the 3PL market has witnessed impressive growth as a result. As contributing editor Karen Thuermer recently reported, the U.S. 3PL market gross revenues grew 8.8% in 2020, bringing the total U.S. market to $231.5 billion.” 

As these companies continue to expand a growing list of 3PL benefits and provide more meaningful outcomes to shippers, now is the time to reap the opportunities for growth and advancement throughout the supply chain. That same point has been proven time and again with Wicker Park Logistics. 

For example, a client called on a Wednesday evening and needed to find capacity that night. Rather than leaving the client at the whims of endless TMS platforms, Wicker Park Logistics was able to apply radically transparent systems to find capacity somewhere and avoid a missed pickup or delivery. That’s where the 3PL benefits begin to become more vital and useful. As such, it’s important to understand the benefits afforded by working with the right 3PL and what additional forms of 3PL benefits exist. 

3PL Benefits: Insight Through Analytics & a Data-Backed Supply Chain Strategy

Partnering with digital freight brokers or 3PL improves automation and reduces manual rework. Such automation promotes real-time data and analytics to improve decision-making and performance management throughout operations. Shippers will have the ability to gain further insight and view of the carriers and the service level they work at. Furthermore, shippers will have the ability to improve procurement, freight volatility, and more through the benefits and tools of a freight broker.

3PL Benefits: Outsourcing Let’s Your Team Focus on Sales and Customers

All of the numerous tasks that shippers have to do can be strenuous and cause other aspects of the company to lack efficiency. From back-office management to working the dock, and seeking more carriers to work with, there is far too much to handle. Digital freight management platforms offered by 3PLs  can provide instant quoting, booking, and scheduling with carriers. This allows your team to focus on customer service and sales.

3PL Benefits: They Offer Limitless Scalability

Many 3PL companies claim to meet the scalable needs of the shippers and provide flexibility where needed the most, but do they hold up their claim? Shippers need brokers or 3PLs that can hold up to the promise of growing with the company and continue to provide proper tools and assistance throughout operations. From offering data integration services to consistent collaboration, shippers need a 3PL that can grow with them. To continue to achieve scalability, 3PLs must focus on communication, customization, and adaptability to meet the shippers’ needs. 

3PL Benefits: Working With a 3PL Builds Better Customer Service

As we continue to see substantial rises in the market with rates and fuel costs, the need to stay ahead of the competition, customer service is vital. Shippers must ensure the needs of the customers remain the priority and the carrier can meet the expectations. To make customer service even better, supply chain optimization can help shippers keep customers happy with enhanced demand forecasting and improved availability of the products. As business and customer needs grow, optimization and technology throughout the supply chain must as well to meet the customer’s expectations.

3PL Benefits: They Also Have the Latest Technology to Manage Your Freight

As business continues to grow and evolve, so must the 3PL and the technology provided to the shipper. Partnering with a digital freight provider puts access to advanced technology at the fingertips of shippers.  3PLs can offer shippers real-time data insights, on-demand capacity sourcing, platforms for payment, and seamless integration of data and the latest technology. Shippers need the resources to make data-driven decisions and have advanced analytics on hand to fully have the potential to grow the business. A 3PL can provide improvements with delivery time, optimized capacity, and managing day-to-day activities through innovative transportation technologies. 

Access to World-Class Platforms to Guarantee 100% Shipping Transparency

Shippers need a 3PL that can continue to provide benefits during market disruptions and continue to do so after such trends. Digital freight providers allow shippers to gain transparency and technology where needed the most and continue to reap the benefits as the business continues to evolve. Access to seamless platforms and software can provide shippers with digital document management, assistance with procurement, and enhanced visibility. Shippers need a 3PL they can trust to provide them with the digital tools for collaboration, scheduling, and real-time data for improved insights. To partner with a 3PL that can provide the benefits you need, connect with Wicker Park Logistics today.

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