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What Are Truckload Freight Shipping Services?

Nathan McGuire
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March 10, 2022
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What Are Truckload Freight Shipping Services?
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Freight truckload management and the continual operations of full truckloads are vital to improving overall profits and reducing costs for shippers of all sizes. 

Many shipping terms get thrown around, but it is essential to understand what impact shipper modes have on today's supply chain and how they impact the future of the transportation industry. According to Transport Topics, "total truckload rates year-over-year are holding around 12% higher. They are forecast to grow 2.5% to 3% throughout the year. (That compares with a 29% rate increase in the spot market and a 14% rate increase for contracts in 2021.) But year-over-year results could start stabilizing later in the year because of a surge in rates last year." It is more important than ever that truckload shipping service providers get the most out of every load when rates increase. 

Paying for a full truckload and not maximizing the load is only wasting money every time a truck leaves the loading dock, and for that reason, shippers need to understand freight truckload’s nuances, forms, and how an expert partner can help.

What Is Full Truckload Freight Shipping, and Why Is It Important?

Truckload shipping services generally refer to heavy or bulky freight movement enough to fill or nearly fill a trailer. It can also be the minimum weight or volume needed to fill a trailer, meaning zero empty space. Also known as full truckload hauling, these services are vital to the continual growth and recovery of the supply chain in the wake of the upheaval caused by the global pandemic. Shippers can utilize this mode of transportation to quickly move orders over short and long distances to keep trucks filled and on the road as much as possible. Freight truckload shipping services are the backbone of the modern supply chain network. 

Common Challenges Shippers Face With Truckload Freight Services

Freight truckload shipping services can bring a host of unique challenges that freight management parties can easily overcome with the right approach.

  • Difficulties planning for reverse logistics and shipping returns.
  • Issues with tracking and monitoring of shipments end to end.
  • Slow responses to disruptions and exceptions that occur.
  • Poor access to reliable carriers and drivers on-demand.
  • Delays with pickups and deliveries due to poor communication.
  • Issues with heavy loads, such as automotive shipping and bulk loads.
  • Long dwell times and excessive holding patterns during shipment.
  • Additional fees and surcharges, accessorials, incurred along the way.
  • Trouble finding long-haul coverage. 
  • Poor driver retention and responsiveness.
  • Lack of customer satisfaction with the delivery.

Shippers can address these common shipping issues with the right truckload shipping services and partnerships. Freight truckload modes, matched with the suitable cargo and with the proper 3PL guidance, can make the entire process simpler and much easier for shippers.

Understanding the Impact of Truckload Shipping Services Within the Modern Supply Chain

The impact truckload shipping services have on today's supply chain can be realized by simply looking at the rates associated with this shipping model. Maintaining full truckloads is key to keeping profits high and helps shippers overcome some of the most common issues involved with freight transportation. Standard freight truckload options include:

  • Dry Van – Traditional trailers or vans haul dry goods with no particular temperature or handling requirements.
  • Flatbed Trailer – Open trailers allow heavy or oversized flatbed freight that won't fit in a traditional cargo trailer.
  • Refer Trucks – Refrigerated trailers used to haul cold, frozen, and other produce shipping in a set temperature range.
  • Step Deck Trailer – Specially designed trailers used top haul items too tall and oversized for standard flatbed trailers.
  • Conestoga Trailer – Trailer designed with an attached tarp or canopy for added protection and easy access to cargo.
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer – Versatile design allows multiple hook-ups for easy loading and unloading.

The right truck and trailer paired with the suitable cargo make it easier to offer truckload shipping services that are versatile, adaptable, and customizable, whether cross-border trade shipments or local deliveries covered by a particular shipper.

Streamline Truckload Freight Shipping With Wicker Park Logistics

The modern-day supply chain has gone through unprecedented levels of stress and upheaval over the last few years as the need for better freight truckload services continues to rise. As consumer habits, market trends, and production schedules continue to change, it is more important than ever to design truckload shipping services that can scale and adapt accordingly. Maximize full truckload opportunities and keep profits high and expenses low by partnering with industry experts who can help you get the most out of every truckload. Connect with Wicker Park Logistics now to expand your truckload freight capacity.

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