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Wicker Park Logistics is Now Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Nathan McGuire
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January 10, 2024
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Wicker Park Logistics is Now Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
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Wicker Park Logistics, a premier 3PL transportation and logistics service partner, is proud to announce its achievement of becoming a WBENC-certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). Being certified as a  women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) marks a significant milestone in our journey toward fostering a more inclusive and innovative business landscape.

Through the rigorous and thoughtful process of achieving certification through the WBENC’s Regional Partner Organization (RPO), WBDC-Midwest, Wicker Park Logistics has demonstrated not only its majority women ownership but also its commitment to leadership, excellence, and active participation within the women-owned business community.

We will contribute to helping other WBEs through our vast industry experience and best practices, while at the same time gaining access to a vast network of support, targeted business opportunities, and resources to support business growth. WBENC connects women-owned businesses with purchasing decision-makers from major corporations and government entities.

Kerrie Coglianese, at the helm of Wicker Park Logistics, emphasizes, "This certification goes beyond a title; it's a testament to our proactive approach to leveraging every opportunity for growth, learning, and collaboration. We are excited to immerse ourselves in the WBENC network, to not only expand our business but also to work with corporate and government members that have supplier diversity programs."

As we step into this new chapter, Wicker Park Logistics remains keenly aware of the competitive nature of the logistics industry. We are steadfast in our commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence, ensuring that our status as a WBENC-Certified WBE propels us forward without compromising on the quality and reliability that our clients have come to expect.

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, our position as a woman-owned business is a beacon of change. It supports our company culture, nurturing an environment of inclusivity and empathetic leadership. Such a culture not only enriches our team but also resonates with our clients, fostering lasting and meaningful partnerships.

Leveraging the WBENC certification, Wicker Park Logistics is poised to expand our service offerings, streamline our supply chain solutions, and ensure competitive advantages for our clients. We are committed to leveraging the full suite of resources and training available through WBENC and its 14 RPOs to stay ahead of industry trends and continuously evolve.

For more information about Wicker Park Logistics’ logistics management offerings and how to leverage WBENC certification benefits, involvement in the WBENC network, contact us at wbenc@wickerparklogistics.com.

About Wicker Park Logistics

Wicker Park Logistics is a leading provider of innovative logistics and supply chain solutions, offering a range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. With a dedicated focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer service, the company is committed to delivering best-in-class logistics solutions powered by technology and transparency. Led by industry veteran Kerrie Coglianese, Wicker Park Logistics prides itself on its commitment to diversity, innovation, and excellence. Visit https://wickerparklogistics.com to learn more about our comprehensive logistics solutions.


The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs. WBENC believes diversity promotes innovation, opens doors, and creates partnerships that fuel the economy. Visit https://www.wbenc.org/ for more information.

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