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Dedicated Transportation

4 Reasons Companies Are Embracing Dedicated Transportation Management

Nathan McGuire
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May 20, 2022
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4 Reasons Companies Are Embracing Dedicated Transportation Management
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Business owners and consumers often want the same thing. Both want a product or service convenient to use, easy to manage, and completed promptly at a great price. The dedicated contract carriage (DCC) industry sec is designed to make the shipper’s daily tasks less stressful, from dedicated flatbed freight shipping to fleet management of dedicated transport. According to TruckingInfo.com, dedicated transportation has grown significantly in recent years. While data for 2021 and 2022 are unavailable, in 2019, “the DCC segment had the second-highest net revenue growth of the four 3PL market segments, but it was just 0.3% to $20 billion. The negative effect of COVID-10 made 2020 a volatile and lower-volume year versus 2019 when DCC net revenues grew 12.1%.” Here are four reasons why 2021 and 2022 numbers reveal that more shippers and retailers currently choose dedicated transport options.

Dedicated Transportation Guarantees Capacity

With the e-commerce market as unstable as lately, many companies are worried about a worsening capacity crunch. Those hired to transport fresh food understand the intense dilemma and potential for product loss from a lack of produce shipping capacity. Regardless of the industry, shippers and retailers are seeing the industry patterns and embracing dedicated transport for their freight solutions. Reliable transportation companies such as Wicker Parker Logistics have led the way in offering a flexible capacity solution. 

In some cases, you can only get a capacity contract if you meet specific qualifications such as consistent product move throughout the year, an accurate future forecast for productivity, and maintaining a high volume or significant capacity needs. However, with a flexible capacity dedicated shipping solution, shippers can be prepared for any spikes in capacity needs. 

Dedicated Solutions Are Easier to Manage

There are many unknowns in today’s world. People live one day at a time and can’t guarantee what tomorrow will bring. The same is true in the business world. E-commerce might skyrocket one day and plummet the next. Retail stores, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, and stock can all relate. Among the many uncertain outcomes of business ownership, a business owner’s last need is to deal with a lengthy, expensive, unnecessary logistic process. 

Innovative logistics solutions with visibility and data benefits can quickly adapt to a shipper’s business needs as they may change often. Logistic services that offer dedicated transportation providers better cost control, forecasting, report, and scorecards can be customized to fit a company’s current logistic needs. 

Pricing Is Predictable to Better Control Costs

Price predictability is extremely useful with cost stability and budget planning. Dedicated transport services can provide the technology and expertise to save time and money and manage a dedicated fleet. Dedicated transportation also controls costs because it outsources the fleet management work so the business owner can concentrate on other essential aspects of the company. 

In addition, due to the predictability of the shipment, the route the freight takes, and the assistance program that allows it to avoid empty miles, many providers offer lower rates for dedicated shipping. With rising gas prices and prices going up on products and goods, choosing the cost-saving benefits of intermodal transportation with a dedicated transportation team is an essential business strategy.

On-Time and In Full Pickups/Deliveries Are More Likely

On-time and in-total pickup/deliveries will always maximize customer experience. This will also keep the supply chain functioning and maintain a good relationship with the shipper. These are important in the transportation industry as it is all one big chain, and if one link breaks, the whole chain is impacted. 

Delays due to miscommunication may be expected within the supply chain, but end customers still expect the best. When a shipper needs expedited freight shipping, the exemplary 3PL service will showcase organization and dedication to get the job done. Wicker Park Logistics shows both the customers and shippers a great resource a dedicated transportation team can be. 

Tap the Potential of Dedicated Transportation With Wicker Park Logistics

As more companies start to recognize reliable transportation for the top-notch transportation it can provide to shippers all over the nation, RFP season might get busy. Among the dedicated transport sector, Wicker Park Logistics department has its eyes on the prize of being the best. Wicker Park Logistics is already on top of the game by providing better tracking capabilities, new scalability, and up-to-date to give their customers and yours the best experience. Contact Wicker Park Logistics today to see if their dedicated transport team is right for you.

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