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5 Ways Freight Broker Companies Aid Shippers to Fulfill Customer Experience Promises

Nathan McGuire
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August 20, 2021
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5 Ways Freight Broker Companies Aid Shippers to Fulfill Customer Experience Promises
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With the increasing demand for direct-to-consumer parcels, shippers can use freight broker companies to keep their fulfillment promises to customers. Through technology and hard work, freight brokers serve as a vital link between shippers, carriers, and customers. As e-commerce booms, it can be overwhelming for shippers who feel the pressure to continuously expand to keep pace. In addition to growing pains, freight broker companies also help with around-the-clock data tracking and other logistics solutions. Data tracking drives accountability for carrier performance, which is particularly useful when navigating a volatile market. With the right technology, software, platforms, and team, shippers can focus on what really matters: customer experience promises. 

1. Freight Broker Companies Use Technology to Find Capacity in Times of Market Volatility

For shippers, the past year proved tumultuous due to the pandemic. Through the rocky market, it made finding reliable transport for goods more difficult. The pandemic also was a factor in limited capacity availability, as was the truck driver shortage. Freight broker companies are closing that gap and connecting shippers and carriers better than ever. They not only are able to find capacity for a higher procurement and tender acceptance rate, but they can also leverage technology and new software to ensure shipping and track available shipments with strategic carrier sourcing.  

2. Brokerages Are More Likely to Use Data to Track Carrier Performance and Hold Such Carriers Accountable

Companies like a freight broker business tend to rely heavily on data to track performance within carriers. In order to hold carriers accountable, there must be an accessible way to monitor their work remotely. Essentially, freight broker companies benefit from having visibility into the daily life of a carrier that is always on the move. Not only do brokerages keep reliable carriers at the ready, shippers always have that peace of mind. 

Warehouse worker holding clipboard is inspecting boxes

3. Broker Companies' Business Depends on Satisfied, Happy End-Users

Although broker companies do not interact with customers directly, their business depends on the satisfaction of the shipper's customers. Issues that cause delays cost the shipper, the carrier, the broker, and the customer time and money. Keeping the customer happy will forge and nurture customer loyalty for shippers. As long as the customers come back, so do the shippers. As long as the shippers come back, carriers have work and freight broker companies expand their network. 

4. New Technology Enables Around-the-Clock Collaboration and Communication

Another benefit of hiring a digital enabled freight brokerage is that new technology creates around-the-clock insights and care into each shipment. Collaboration with the carrier’s technology boosts communication. Clear communication prevents issues from escalating and keeps money flowing into everyone’s pockets. 

5. Broker Experience and Radical Visibility Provide the Ultimate Peace of Mind

Thanks to the dedication of freight broker companу to offer radical visibility, ultimate peace of mind is within reach for each shipper. By having the ability to see within each level of the shipping process and the supply chain, the potential for risks vanishes over time. Keeping customers happy leads to a larger return on investment. Disruptive technologies pave the way for mobile computing, cloud technology, and new applications that help boost customer service, states Deloitte

Build Better Customer Experiences With the Right Freight Broker Companies in Your Portfolio

Some areas of logistics need a boost, and with the right freight broker companies, this can be obtained. Focusing on customer service experiences keeps customers flowing for the shippers. With the use of the right technology package, radical visibility, and collaboration, along with other avenues that expand communication, all of these things are possible. Connect with Wicker Park Logistics to get started today.

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