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Efficient Freight Procurement: How Digital Freight Tools Help Source Capacity

Nathan McGuire
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September 2, 2021
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Efficient Freight Procurement: How Digital Freight Tools Help Source Capacity
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Technology assists digital freight brokers with actions like freight procurement. The logistics industry needs all of its help with the growing trucker shortage and capacity limitations. In addition to closing the gap with drivers and capacity, digital freight tools encourage collaboration, enable real-time booking and scheduling, and provide rapid data analysis for carriers and shippers. Other added benefits include adaptive platforms to integrate into the current technology package and digital document management. These tools boost efficiency and provide long-term cost-saving measures. 

1. Digital Freight Procurement Builds Collaboration

One of the many benefits of integrating a digital freight procurement platform is that it collaborates with existing technology. Deloitte believes better decision-making is enabled when gathering data, computing power, and other features of technology boost visualization. 

2. Cloud-Based Resources Enable Real-Time Booking and Scheduling

Other avenues digital freight brokers are aiding shippers with are booking and scheduling. Navigating these waters with the booming e-commerce industry, peak season approaching, and a national driver shortage can be more difficult as capacity wanes. Cloud-based resources and their connection to the internet mean automated, real-time booking and scheduling, so shippers never miss a shipment and carriers never miss an opportunity for freight procurement. 

3. Rapid Data Analysis Provides Insights in Real-Time

Digital freight tools also allow insight into shipments in real-time. This improves efficiency for data processing. By enabling rapid data analysis, issues found during loads can be addressed almost immediately. Along with immediate resolution, digital freight procurement tools make way for a reduction in mistakes altogether, saving money for the shippers and putting more money in carriers’ pockets. 

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4. Fewer Data Silos Provide a Better View of Transportation Spend

Another digital avenue where freight is technology-driven transparency rich is its ability to view everything, including expenditures. Visibility is one of the most critical assets of the logistics industry and it is imperative for successful freight procurement. One of the many cost-swindling areas of the industry lies within transportation spend. As overhead expenses or too much deadhead increases, profitability decreases. This can change with increased visibility. 

5. Instantaneous Sharing Enables a Wider Pool of Bids

The magic of automatic, instantaneous sharing means there is a larger pool of bids for freight procurement. The opposite of a problem, a wider pool means shippers do not need to search far and wide for available loads. 

6. Adaptive Platforms Further Offer Access to More Capacity Across Connected Resources, Including Carrier TMS Platforms

Other benefits of hiring a digital freight brokerage include adaptive platforms that can seamlessly adjust to the current software. Many carriers already use TMS, so finding a brokerage that assists with freight procurement can ease the stress of finding those loads via network resources. 

7. Digital Document Management Further Empowers Shippers With Turnkey Service

Document management can often get in the way of freight procurement. Sometimes, the mundane, manual back-office backlog gets in front of what matters for each level of the supply chain. Automating these processes help keep the details clean and readily available for everyone involved in the shipment. 

Enable Efficient Freight Procurement by Partnering With Wicker Park Logistics

The most excellent tool in logistics is ultimately the right partner. Digital document management, adaptive software and platforms, and the best visibility money can buy mean nothing without the right partner to navigate the team through it. Freight procurement is made more accessible with the right technology package, which keeps issues from worsening and proactively prevents them in the future. Boost efficiency and profitability today. Connect with Wicker Park Logistics to get started. 

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